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Thread: Hello from Kearney Mo.

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    Default Hello from Kearney Mo.

    New tot he forum and to Kahr firearms, don't have one yet but it is on its way and hopefully next week I will have it. I ordered a CM9 to be used as EDC in the front pocket.
    I have been around guns since I was a little kid and come to think of it I'm still a little kid at 69 lol, as my mom always said, Terry you will never grow up, moo's are always right. A lot to learn about Kahr and willing to take advice.
    I shoot a little of everything 22's are my love along with CZ rifles, handguns a little of all of them, not much shotgun anymore due to shoulder surgeries, and I love to build AR platform rifles I honestly dont't really like them but they are fun to build especially the pistols.
    Thanks for having the likes of me and look forward to what people say.

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    Glad you found us whtsmoke. Sounds like we think similar on 22's and CZ's although I only have a 22 CZrifle and my beloved Cbob. Got a bunch of other 22 rifles though. I to don't really love AR's but they are fun to mess with. I think it's my old school mentality and all that plastic plus those tiny anemic little bullets but I got a nice one and will never give it up especially in our current economic climate.

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    Yeah, CZs are great. Welcome to the forum.
    The only thing better than having all the guns and ammo you'd ever need would be being able to shoot it all off the back porch.

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    Welcome to the forum

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    CM9 perfect pocket pistol for me. Not too big nor too small. On my feet much of the day. Chino and Dockers pockets work the best for me. Jean pockets are too tight.
    Have used leather (inexpensive clam-shell, rough side out), fabric (De Santis,) and now Kydex. All worked well. Kydex with the "push-off thumb is my favorite= smooth fast draw.

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    Welcome from across the river!

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    FWIW: I have found carrying my CM9 in a Don Hume JIT holster in a crossdraw position works best for me. The hardest part of that method has been getting used to having my shirttail out.
    I bought mine brand new and did observe a short break-in period of something like 150 rds or so. I keep mine scrupulously clean at all times and follow the recommendations for lube. Function after that brief initial break-in has been flawless. As a result I have a handgun on my belt whenever I leave the house that Im comfortable betting my life on.

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    Welcome from Minnesota! My dad grew up in Saint Joe, not to far from Kearney.
    "Life Member NRA"
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    Go Chiefs!!!!!!!!

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