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Thread: 2015 K9+Crimson Trace grips off Gunbroker, trying a few things from LLC

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    Default 2015 K9+Crimson Trace grips off Gunbroker, trying a few things from LLC

    Hey all,

    New to the forum. Great place, you guys have here! Bought a nice K9 off Gunbroker about six months ago, came with the CT grips (in great shape, and they don't eat the 2032s like some CT grip sights do), hard case, everything that came with it from the factory. Former owner says he put 200 rounds through it- looks like they used crap ammo and never cleaned it- after running some +P through it for another 200 rounds, it cleaned up nice. Takedown took a minute, but I like a challenge.

    My question is- I've read quite a bit about the (admittedly few) down sides to the gun, and I like this lil sucker enough to keep it. I've owned and cc'd everything from a Detonics to a Glock 19 and this looks like a keeper. Went to LLC's website- ordered the +1 round billet mag caps, followers and installed them with stock strength new Wolff springs. Bought the stainless guide rod as well. It shoots like clockwork with everything I throw at it- now to scrap the stock sights and get some Dawsons on it!

    Oh, yeah- the question... does anyone have experience with the LLC stuff on their K9? How does the LLC stuff on the K9 work for you, and does it hold up like it looks it will?

    After installing the LLC kit, love how the mags no longer shed bullets and no more FTF's with Atomic and various other +P ammo... The CT sights were great right from the start- POA+POI at 15 yards, averaging 3" groups with the +P Speer stuff. Last 3 range visits not one hiccup, too.

    Ordered a nice shoulder holster from High Noon Holsters (Under Taker, fully lined leather) with 2 mag pouches.- fits like a dream and clears the CT grip on the laser side perfectly.

    Just wanted to find out about the above from you all... and to say 'Thanks!' for all the great info- found a damn near perfect CC, even if I do have to do so in the People's Republic of California!
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    Don't be concerned about the Lakeline stuff. It's good. Al is a totally standup guy and will take care of it if it isn't. He's a member here as Alfonse.

    Just out of curiosity what are the downsides you may have heard on the K9? I've had no issues, actually none with any of mine. Well I did have a K40 slide that was peening, Kahr put a new top end on it and been fine since.!
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    The LLC stuff seems top-notch, the billet finish and design are great- I'm at 8+1 on my std mags (I don't use the extended mag). The billet extensions give me a full grip, too. I have no feeding issues with any ammo I stuff into it, and the followers are very effective at just getting cases in and out without any drama. The mags now hold onto the bullets reliably, which is one of the few knocks I'd read about the K9... the other major one being the occasional FTF with certain ammo, even well after the 200 round break-in (which I adhere to, a minimum of 200 rounds), with all my weapons and have since I began CC'ing 40 years ago). Even though I haven't had an issue with any ammo for awhile, I've settled on my favorite- those 'lil Speer 124 gr +P's for CC'ing with the K9 as of now. Funny- the Gen 1 Glock, made in Austria, not Georgia yet at that date, I bought in 1988 might have a hard time handling today's +P stuff, but I always did underestimate that weapon. The Detonics was the one that got away... best .45 I ever carried.

    Good to know about LLC's business ethic- if his business ethics are half as giood as his products, I guess there's nothing to worry about!

    I go kinda overboard on research before buying another gun. This forum gave me all the info I needed to proactively equip the K9, along with calibrating my expectations. The LLC followers and biliiet mag extensions (to get a reliable +1 without resorting to the Kahr extended mag), the new Wolff springs, and the stainless guide rod as a bonus are all working well- glad to hear he's a forum member, too!

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