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Thread: Case reforming for .429 DE using .50 AE cases

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    Default Case reforming for .429 DE using .50 AE cases

    I originally posted in the Desert Eagle section.

    Multi part question-

    I have new Starline .50 AE brass and want to reload for the .429 DE using Lee's pistol 3-die set.

    1 - Can I simply reform, (neck-down, form a shoulder and trim to length), using the 50AE case without too many issues?

    2 - Anyone have any advice other than using lube and going slowly?

    3 - Any other die sets out there to reform using more than one step?

    4 - Will the neck case wall thickness need to be turned at all?



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    Answered my own question:

    Using Lee's 3-die set, I lubed new Starline 50AE cases. Resized with one stroke or four strokes spinning case between each stroke. Little if any difference. So I settled on 2 strokes spinning case about 180 degrees. Reformed case length grew to over 1.290". Newly reformed case mouth would not allow Lee's case length trimmer to enter. So, I used Lee's powder through case mouth expanding die to allow Lee's .44Mag case length guage to slide into case for trimming. Trimmed case length to 1.278". Slight mouth expansion left over for bullet seating. Measured against factory ammo and "plunk-tested" the case 'as-is' and have no issues to solve at this point.

    So, my question about turning the case mouth seems to be a non-issue at this point. Makes things a lot easier for now.

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