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Thread: Kahr cw 380 help

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    Default Kahr cw 380 help

    I finished my break in with the CW 380 and find it to be ridiculously unreliable. I have experienced failures to feed, requiring a slap in the mag to get the round to chamber, failure to go to battery, requiring a slap on the back to get the pistol to fully chamber a round, failure to fire, requiring me to reset the striker and try again, failure to lock open on the last round. One or more of these occurred with virtually every magazine fired.

    I think the pistol may have only made it through one or to magazines completely. Is there any ideas what may fix it? Honestly it's the biggest piece of crap I have every owned and I'm not sure I can ever trust it but I would like to at least get it to work before I sell it to someone else

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    There are lots of threads on these issues. Some have modified their extractor to allow more clearance to the breech face. I think Kahr has now done this with extractors and will send you one if you ask. Second is the extractor spring tension being too high. Some have shortened the extractor spring pin to reduce the tension. That's the short story on these issues.

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    Sorry you're having so much trouble! Last year I purchased a new P380 and compared the extractor chains of and old vs the new. Here is the thread. Note the rear pin is much shorter. skiflydive mentions how people have shortened their pin. This is what he is referring to but it looks like new production incorporates a shorter pin. Long story short, too much tension on the extractor was preventing proper and efficient feeding. Your fail to fires were mostly caused by the gun being slightly out of battery.
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