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Thread: 357 mag ammo POI

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    Question 357 mag ammo POI

    Greetings all -- I've got a new-to-me DE 357, and am having an interesting time with ammo and POI. My POI is 3-4 inches below my aim point at 7 yards.

    I've tried several flavors of ammo from the "approved" list - American Eagle, Magtech, Federal, etc. with 158 grain projectiles. No difference.

    If i go out to 15 yards, the POI is about 2 inches higher, so clearly the projectile is still on its way up in its trajectory when it meets the target. But, I prefer 7 yards for a variety of reasons, which I won't bore y'all with.

    Does anyone have suggestions for different ammo, or a handload to try? I am giving thought to having adjustable sights installed, but would rather not do that right now.

    FWIW, my 44 DE shoots to point of aim at 7 yards just fine.

    Thanks. Would appreciate thoughts and suggestions.


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    I don't think the ammo is going to make much difference at those ranges really. I doubt there is a really wide range of ammo that will operate the firearm, which will hit much different inside 40~50 yards, in my experience with several different barrels. Except that Buffalo Bore 125gr. That stuff is insane @1758fps (850ft/lbs+)

    Propped, I shoot 100 yard 12" Plate with mine frequently, and the elevations seem about right for 75 yards... not a lot of adjustment necessary for 100 yards with the barrels I have... but they are all Mk XIX barrels. (5 different barrels)

    I run adjustable sights on a Mk XIX 357 though... this one... the inexpensive Millet rear and an expensive front sight from Dawson Precision that I calculated the needed height of using their sight calculator. (The Millet sights are for a different model range than my Desert Eagle, so the front sight is incorrect height)

    If you do figure some commercial or custom loading out, please come back and share it... I would like to know.

    Good luck.


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