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Thread: Revolver guys: finally got my Andrews Leather "Slim Loader" pouch.

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    That Kimber is a classy looking piece. I want the same exact thing but with a hammer. I'm a thumb buster myself.
    Your's probably makes more sense, nothing to hang up on and sounds like the trigger is so nice single action isn't needed but I gotta have a hammer.!
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    Quote Originally Posted by King Rat View Post
    Nice! I see when you go to the range you try out all the defense ammo.
    I like to try out a variety of viable SD ammos with any new pistol to get a feel for reliability, recoil, etc. Once the break-in period is over (is there ever really one for a revolver?), then a range session will usually consist of mostly cheap range ammo and just 20 or so rounds of my SD choice (to cycle old ammo and for familiarity).

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