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Thread: Good review Trigger Finger, off hand hold

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    Default Good review Trigger Finger, off hand hold

    Just saw this and thought I would post as a reminder about trigger control. And I totally agree with the instructor about hand and strength training, something I have been doing for years about 3-4 times each week. And off hand placement is so critical IMO. Especially since many of us shoot different guns. I shoot Pocket guns, revolvers and Micro 9mm's about 95% of the time and hand and wrist exercises benifit me quite a bit. I can only think those that shoot Duty guns would be doing this training even more.

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    It probably is a good idea, but do you really think that the average joe is going to do any of this?????????? Most are lucky if they shoot twice a year and many are carrying a firearm around that they've never even shot. I think it would be more advantageous to get the basics first.

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    This actually should be part of the basics. It was emphasized frequently for dept and especially SWAT training.

    But I do agree with the part about shooting twice a year and carrying firearms they have never shot. I even had officers who carried guns they never shot????? They were required to qualify with any gun they carried on or off duty but range time was tough to get and often times they carried guns we didn't know anything about. That was one of my frustrating jobs, keeping track of who was carrying what and if they were blessed or not.

    It wasn't bad as I often times tracked down guns for the guys and I usually got to be the first for show and tell, never tire of show and tell when it comes to guns ya know?!
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    I had learned that stuff elsewhere, but itís always good to have a refresher. I like his teaching style and demeanor for sure though!

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