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Thread: Don't look Bawanna...more plastic

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeepster09 View Post
    I am very happy with a cheap WINTHROP holster off of e was $forty something. Very comfortable and fits good.
    I would of uploaded a picture but Kahr forum seems to FAIL ALOT on photo uploads, not sure why?
    somebody say Winthrop? Pretty nice holster for the price.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bawanna View Post
    I got a shiny new Garrett Silent Thunder for the Italian 1911. One word AWESOME. They are usually a ways out on delivery and I got this one I think in less than 2 weeks.

    Look at that lovely leather lining inside and it smells really nice too.

    I like the new style of belt clip they come with now too. Hooks on positive yet easy to remove. My only thing is I seem to go through clips but not too often and I'm more careful now not to over work them going on and off.

    It fits like the proverbial glove, just perfectly. Been wearing it since it arrived and it rides much better than I expected. Full size 5'' isn't usually as comfy as my commanders, goofy half inch makes a lot of difference but this one seems to work.
    And it's light, yup really liking it.
    Nearly had a goof up ordering. Sheryl (very nice lady and coowner at Garrett) thought it was a Witness Pro, a CZ 75 knock off, fortunately we got it cleared up before production.

    Playing with it I found that it didn't seem to like all 1911 magazines. The ones it came with worked fine, some others did but a lot didn't.
    Miraculously I found the little notch at the front of the mag well was just a bit long. And some mags wouldn't quite seat. A couple minutes with a file to remove a bit and all work perfectly now. Life is good.

    I'm not a paid endorser for Garrett but certainly a repeat customer and couldn't ask for nicer folks to deal with.
    Discounts for LE and military active and "retired". Don't get much better.
    I like it! Nice work figuring out the magazine fittment issue. Was it only a problem with the Wilson Combat stuff?
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    Quote Originally Posted by gb6491 View Post
    I like it! Nice work figuring out the magazine fittment issue. Was it only a problem with the Wilson Combat stuff?
    It was strange one Wilson would work fine but others didn't, some others I had some worked and some didn't. It didn't take much to cure it.
    I just got an email from Garrett, the clip on my new holster they call a Tac Clip. I like it a lot and they told me it's life time warrantied. That was the only weak link before, seemed every couple years I'd bust the clip. I ordered a couple spares and the leather loop set up and of course haven't broken a clip since.

    Off to whittle grips for awhile today.
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