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Thread: MK9 Impressions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Burnett View Post
    Well the MK9 brings me up to 4 Kahrs, 2 poly and 2 steel. Handling them back to back it seems to me that the MK9 and K9 seem far smoother (for lack of a better word) than their polymer brothers. I can't really explain it. They all have great triggers but on the steel guns every thing seems to snick into place when operated. The difference is quite noticeable, wish I could explain it better. Not bashing the polymer Kahrs, I'm pleased with mine! I just thought the difference between polymer and steel would be just the weight, the steel ones just seem like a bank vault Swiss watch kind of gun.
    I agree. I have Kahrs from all three lines, and the steel ones are just better. The trigger on my T9 is so smooth and light. It's a pleasure to shoot. The build quality on the steel Kahr pistols is as good as any of the high end production 1911s I've handled.

    Kimbers are no better made than a steel Kahr. SIGs are no better made than a steel Kahr. I think I am going to add a steel Kahr in .40 S&W in the future. People have given me a bunch of .40 recently, and my only .40 pistol is an HK USP Compact 40 which I don't shoot very much because it's my only DA/SA pistol, and I don't carry a DA/SA.

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    I agree with the build quality of the steel frame models, still regret letting go of my K9, it will need to be replaced one of these days

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    Quote Originally Posted by Burnett View Post
    That would explain it, the K9 feels like a mini Hi Power to me. I was saddened when the Hi Power was put out to pasture a couple of years back. Fortunately for us fans 80+ years of production means they can still be found.
    Oh ya. I have like 9 HP's now I think. 3 Belgian alloy frames, 2 Izzy marked, 2 .40's, and 2 commercial 9's. Two of mine are the "practical" model. I want to convert one of the Izzy and one of the alloy framed ones into a carry/defensive handgun.

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