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Thread: strange issue with CM9

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    Default strange issue with CM9

    I had to call Kahr for some parts (mag. release spring, slide release). They asked me for the serial number and model. I gave them both and they came back with an odd response. They asked if I was sure it was a CM9, I said "Yes", looking at the slide and box right now. They said that the serial number I had given them was assigned to a PM9. They then asked me to look at the manual and read the last page where the warranty certificate was located. They asked if it said, one year warranty or five year warranty. I said that it read, "five year" warranty. Apparently, the frame was allocated for a PM9, but was put on a CM9. Because of that, my warranty is for the PM9, which gives me an additional 4 years. My CM9 is the one with the black cerekoted slide. See picture below. Since I put in the new mag. release spring and slide release the problems I was having have resolved. Has anyone else ever checked their serial numbers with Kahr?

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    Thatís good on the warranty.

    Kahr can be funny with the warranty. I sent them an email because the nut came off the end of the captured recoil spring assembly in my CM9. I asked if they would send me a nut. Instead they sent me an entire new RSA. I provided no info about the age of the pistol and they didnít ask anything about it.

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    They have always been pretty good about that stuff. Heard of this many times.!
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    I wonder if the barrel is CM or PM

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    Quote Originally Posted by skiflydive View Post
    I wonder if the barrel is CM or PM
    A quick look by handlebar can answer that. No research involved.

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