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Thread: Thinking about the Ruger PC 9 Carbine

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    Love pistol caliber carbines. I shoot indoors and 5.56 is just no fun. I have an UZI carbine that I finally got around to making a SBR. Wish I wouldn't have waited so long, it's super cool. Small, robust, reliable,cheap magazines and super easy to hit with. You guys that can share magazines between carbine and pistol have it even better. I definitely think pistol caliber carbines have a place for defense in the home or in an urban environment. The 9mm picks up some juice running out of a longer barrel and it's easier to shoot without hearing protection if you must do so.

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    Ruger is also making it in a Charger model
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    I like mine run Glock mags and Iron sights. I like the sights and the trigger is good. Mine is reliable and fun, get one.

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    Cool Scorpion Micro

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    The Charger takedown model is going to sell a lot of units. Pistol caliber "pistols" (ATF rules are stupid) are HOT right now. There are the AR9 models but making them fold is an additional cost. These pistols with the Picatinny rail for mounting folding braces have changed the game.

    I have been thinking about a "bag gun". My EDC is just large enough that my pockets are getting too full, so I want to get a bag, and if I'm going to carry a bag, why not a shoulder mountable firearm too? I figure the Charger takedown in 9mm would be a good candidate for that. Benefit of the Ruger is Glock magazine compatibility. I've heard the trigger is 10/22, so that opens up a whole bunch of options.

    The B&T pistols are fantastic but too expensive. The CZ Scorpion is the market leader, with all sorts of cool accessories, but it's not cheap, especially the Micro. The Grand Power Stribog is a solid choice, but reports are the magazines are fragile.

    A 10/22 Charger Takedown with a folding brace would fit in a messenger bag, and in the event of a mass shooting or societal dysfunction, having what is essentially a .22 SBR with an optic is a substantial force multiplier. I can reliably make 50 yard shots with a .22 rifle. I really can't guarantee that with my CM9. 50 yards shots are only in case of emergency, of course.

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