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Thread: New Model XIX or older model made in Israel

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    Default New Model XIX or older model made in Israel

    I found an older DE made in Israel for a great price should I grab it or hold out for the XIX with the muzzle Break for more 💰

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    I would always suggest a Mk XIX, unless you have a deal-breaking caliber choice of .41 Magnum, which was only in the Mk VII Series.

    There are plenty of older Mk XIX Desert Eagles, so do you know if it is a Mk VII, or MkI? If it is a Mk XIX, you can always buy the barrel you want and put it on, then sell the other barrel if you don't want it. If it is a Mk I or Mk VII, you can't change the barrel without changing the slide too in most cases. (41Mag and 44 Mag can share the same slide, but you still have to change the bolt as 44 and 41 don't use the same bolt)

    In the Mk XIX series, all barrels are made from the same blank of steel, so if you ever decided to change or add calibers, you can easily do so. If you buy a Mk XIX in .44 or .50, you can switch between 429DE, 44Mag, and 50AE without anything but a barrel an magazine. Less than ten seconds for a caliber change. You could then go to 357 Magnum, with a barrel, magazine, and a Bolt. On and off, Magnum Research makes 10" barrels for these guns also.
    If you buy a Mk I or VII series gun, and then decide you want another caliber, you have to change slide and barrel to make the change.

    Even if caliber conversion is of no interest to you, I view the Mk XIX as a better choice as you can still get most any parts for them, and they will likely be available longer than with Mk I and Mk VII series guns.

    I hope this isn't more confusing, but it is a tough question to answer and is dependent on what you might want to do with your Desert Eagle. Like if caliber doesn't matter, and you know you will never want to caliber convert, then it might be a good choice. If a muzzle brake is really important to you, then you will probably want to wait.


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    Default Xix de

    Thanks I will wait caliber not an issue but might if I decide to sell later or when the wife has to sell hopefully much later.
    thanks for the good information
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    I have a MK VII, from Israel and LOVE it. The only advantage I see with the new ones is the scope rail. The Israeli ones seem to have a better fit and finish. Mine is 44 mag and shoots a lot softer than a revolver, no need for muzzle brake.

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