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Thread: Mag bases - all 9mm the same?

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    Default Mag bases - all 9mm the same?

    I want to replace the mag bases on my new to me K9 Elite with metal. I bought some from Kahrshop previously for another K9, but now when I look, they only list a metal base for CM40, CM9, MK40, MK9, PM40, PM9. I can't imagine there'd be any difference, but I have never owned any of those models.

    Can someone fill me in? I don't want to wait 'til I can do a comparison if I don't have to.

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    I don’t think there’s a difference. I’ve used both the metal and polymer base plates on my CM9 and P9.

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    Thank you, sir!

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    For the .40 S&W I had to add neoprene O-rings to my P40 preclude my pinkie from being pinched when firing. I also did the same to my P9.

    I used the 3/4" inner diameter with 3/32" thickness. Kahr used to sell blackened bases for a while. The 9mm and .40 bases are the same.
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    Another nice tip. Thanks, Wyntrout!

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