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Thread: First Time Caller - Long Time Kahr Fan

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    Default First Time Caller - Long Time Kahr Fan

    Johann - Currently Stuck In Kalifornia - The Nurse.
    I have several KAHRs, ever since a chance encounter
    with an off-duty police officer.
    He told me several officers keep a KAHR P380 as ankle guns.
    The P380 was my 1st KAHR - still have it.
    WELL broken in. It *REALLY* like Remington Ultimate Defense.
    Found out function benefits from magazine cleanings - as mine shipped
    with some type of tacky residue over everything and I had a few issues entering battery.
    Nowadays she functions FLAWLESSLY.
    I haven't had the extractor shaved.
    I really like my P40, dunno why - it just has a satisfying ooomph.....
    (When KAHR makes a K10 with matching 21st Century 10mm Carbine I'll be in Heaven!)
    Hope to learn a lot here.
    Also GREATLY interested in switching my CW9 for a PM9 Covert - looks like the 'perfect' 9 for me.
    My spouse will be getting a K9 as well....

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    Hi Johan, glad you found us but I have to ask, what took you so long?....This is the place to be for all things Kahr, lots of nice folks hang out here and we welcome new people to the place so now that you know where to find us, stop by anytime...
    The Federal Government can not give anyone a single penny that it has not taken away from someone else….

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    ^^^what he said.
    In Memory of Paul "Dietrich" Stines.
    Dad: Say something nice to your cousin Shirley
    Dietrich: For a fat girl you sure don't sweat much.
    Cue sound of Head slap.

    RIP Muggsy & TMan

    "If you are a warrior legally authorized to carry a weapon and you step outside without that weapon, then you become a sheep, pretending that JOCKO will not come today."

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    Welcome. Good bunch of people here with lots of Kahr knowledge.

    muggsy: Let's face it, being shot by a .380 will ruin anyone's day.

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    This is a good site. I notice when threads start to get serious in debate someone will try to break the tension with a humorous post. Also, and a great indicator of the atmosphere here, no one has flamed me for being an open carrier. So many sites are loaded with open carry hate, they might as well get funding from Bloomberg.

    joihan777, welcome, hope you find the answers you need. I have.

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