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Thread: New Member from north east Pennsylvania

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    Default New Member from north east Pennsylvania

    Hi everybody, Mark here. I've purchased a Kahr P380 and expect it to arrive on Tuesday. I've been reading up on your helpful information here like: Proper Prep of a new Kahr, Kahr Lube Diagram and the Newcomer Welcome and info links.

    Initially I was more of a revolver guy for self-defense so DAO pocket pistols appeal to me and I'm hoping the P380 will fit the bill. I've had experience with the Kel-Tec P32, Beretta Pico and Glock 42 but I'm always interested in trying something new. Besides my SP-101 and LCR revolvers, mostly own Ruger and Beretta .22LR pistols for fun at the range.

    I live about 20 miles from the Kahr corporate HQ in Greely PA. Will be making a trip there to visit their Tommy Gun Warehouse in the near future.

    It appears that you have a welcoming friendly forum with knowledgeable members; looking forward to learning more.

    Edit: Thanks very much for the welcome. Will report back on my visit to Tommy Gun Warehouse.
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    Yes indeed. This is a great group. Any question will be answered quickly and accurately. I carry my P380 every day. So easy to carry!

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    Welcome Mark, glad you found us. If you run into Mr. Moon in Greely tell him bawanna says howdy.!
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    Hi Mark, and welcome to the forum.

    I came from a revolver background as well, so the Kahr trigger seems natural for me.

    At the moment, I own 9 Kahrs - including a few 380s. They're amazing little guns!

    I'm also in the Keystone State - down in the Lehigh Valley. Give a holler if there's anything I can do for you. Enjoy The Tommy Gun Warehouse - be prepared to spend a few hours there...

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    Welcome aboard Mark. You will like it here.
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    Congrats on your purchase, glad to have you here.

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