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    Will an 8 round 1911 mag,,such as the wilson 47d,,work in the ct45?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ray View Post
    Will an 8 round 1911 mag,,such as the wilson 47d,,work in the ct45?
    Buy a WC mag and try it. I did. My CW 45 runs fine on Wilson Combat mags and are reliable enough that I carry two WC mags as reloads whenever I carry my CW 45. They do, sometimes, fail to lock the slide back when empty, however.

    You should own a full sized or "Commander" 1911 anyway........ If the mags don't work in your CT 45, then run those in your 1911. I carry WC 8 rounders in my 1911's and Ballestar Molina.

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    The 47D works in my PM45, it does at times fail to lock back on empty.
    My officer size Wilson mags only work sporadically. Never could figure why. Same follower, same configuration on the feed lips etc.
    Could be slightly different spring pressure I suppose, never cared enough to swap springs and experiment.
    I only run the factory mags anyhow.

    For what it's worth Brownells has 3 packs of 47D's on sale right now. If you buy some and they don't work for you, let me know, I'll buy them. Man can't have too many Wilson 1911 mags.
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    My Mecgar officer’s mag works well in the CW45 that my son now owns. It did not lock the slide back on empty consistently though, but I could live with that.
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