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Thread: Russian .45 ACP for testing feeding issue

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    Slug, my TP45 & PM45 both have the click you describe. With the side panel removed one can look at the interaction between trigger bar and cocking cam during reset. It appears thatís the click area.

    As for steel case, itís your pistol but I wouldnít. Steel case is rough on the MIM extractor. It may brake.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Slugnutty View Post
    It went back to the factory for short slide syndrome - prior to that it fed 100% fine
    Now it feeds 3 or 4 rounds and then a round does not feed fully in to the chamber but I can not remember where it stops.... at the case mouth, at the rim.... I just don't recall - this is why I'm buying more range ammo to go back out and investigate
    I found that West German SIG P220 in .45 and moved to in 2019 for my big bore pistol, but I loved the CW45 and I'm not willing to give up on it.

    So, I'm buying 1,000 rounds of .45 and will be going to the range next week (24-JUL-2020) to fire and observe the issues once more - this time with the camera and a critical eye on what, how, when and possibly why.

    I have 5 magazines, all Kahr manufactured, I believe I am just at the 200 round break in period since its been returned from the factory so this may still be growing pains as they replaced the full gun - IE the S/N changed from going to them and the return from them.

    One other thing I noticed is when dry firing lately - I pull the trigger the stiker releases, keeping the trigger pulled to the rear I pull the slide back just as it starts to move it catches on something which feels like it is somewhere in between the ejection port and the rear sight its a "catch" that I have to overcome - I can hear a distinct CLICK then the slide travels rearwards unimpeded.

    I've been dry firing and working the slide hundreds and hundreds of times ea]ch day now and it may be me but the "catch" (maybe) feels like it is slightly less pronounced needing less force to move the slide over it... I do not think it is related to the feeding issue as when fired with real rounds the slide travels rearward with no issue.

    Anyhow - I hope to have the rounds here this week and out to the range in two weeks to work on the feeding issue.

    You're my go to Greg on technical issues here, anything I should be looking for now or when I'm out there? And as I said I'll try to be taking good pictures or as best I can when (if) it happens.
    There have been several discussions on issues similar to this. They centered on the cocking cam and the trigger bar.

    In regards to the cocking cam , it involves the lobe that disengages the firing pin block. Basically, the lobe is too tall. Kahr replaced the cam in AFDoc's CW45 which fixed it. My CW45 was not as bad as his (I had no stoppages), but I could feel it hanging up. While checking the cam in my gun I found swapping out the striker block remedied the problem. The discussion and links are here:
    The photos are long gone (unless I can find them in my archives: they just showed the height of the cocking lobe in relation to the frame (AFDoc's was proud of it).

    In regards to the trigger bar, the instance I'm going to link to involved other issues, but does include what you describe. Basically, the disconnector portion of the trigger bar catches between the slide and frame instead of riding on the bottom, outside edge of the slide.

    LOL, you are in trouble, but I would suggest dropping a few different rounds into the barrel's chamber to see if rim seats flush with the barrel hood.
    We've seen more than a couple 45's that do not have enough free bore to work well with certain bullet shapes.
    I break that edge at the top of feed ramp.
    Grease the the slide stop pin.
    Maybe make a shorter rear extractor pin to take some tension off the extractor.

    Just some thoughts.
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    Well..... I was a WEEEEE bit off on the date - did get out today 13-SEP-2020 and put 150 rounds of the dreaded steel case Silver Bear 230gr through the CW45 and....... (BIG REVEAL) - 1 failure to feed this time, first mag, 3rd round in looked like the case edge caught on the angular area of the take down pin - will post marginal picture of FTF later - but the next 147 rounds there was no issues....

    From Jam-O-mattic to getting closer to working as intended ... needs more shooting time now I suppose.

    The round count ledger (I keep a written account of rounds fired in my guns) is 325
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