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Thread: MK9 vs G48 vs K9

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    My EDC is a CM9. It's with me all the time. Light, thin, compact----it is a dream to carry. I have an MK9. It's a dream to shoot. I use my MK9 as a trainer for my CM9.

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    Never owned a polymer kahr and probably never will. I'm just not a fan of them. I carry a MK9 on my hip in either a IWB holster or OWB pancake holster.

    What I like most about the MK9 is I can carry it OWB with an untucked t-shirt, it still conceals very well. The grip doesnt poke out, the bottom slide area of the holster doesnt show, and there's no printing at all. I can't get away with that with other single stack 9mm's.

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    Shot some regular 115 bulk ammo and some Lehigh Defense.

    I will be using the Lehigh standard pressure for carry.

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