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Thread: Pm45

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    Kind of regret seeing that P45 for $450. Canít stop thinking about owning a third Kahr 45. A PM45, TP45 maybe a P45. I best not wait very long.
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    I have almost bought a used P45 a few times. However, my CW45 is hard to beat and has a great cocking serrations area as it's abbreviated on the P45 series. A tapered nose is nice for reholstering, I would think so anyway, especially one-handed reholstering.

    A CW45 and a S&W 638 are the same size. Height, length, width.....actually the cylinder is wider in width. That puts things in perspective when thinking about the CW45's size.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DJK11 View Post
    Obviously! I have owned two PM45 over the past ten plus years with thousands fired. My favorite edc. Most of the time itís with the six round mag and AIWB. The grip is small and the extra length of the extended mag helps with the draw. The P series is the perfect size.
    My PM45 is dimensionally very similar to my K9 (old version). I'm very happy with that size.

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