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Thread: 50AE brass ejection with std 6" barrel and 6" barrel with IMB

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    Default 50AE brass ejection with std 6" barrel and 6" barrel with IMB

    Is it just me or has anyone else noticed the 50AE with the a standard barrel tends to fling spent brass at your face? I've got a standard barrel and one with the integral muzzle brake and I don't think I've ever had brass to the face with the IMB. I've noticed this with both Hornady and Underwood ammo. Some of the online reviews with the standard barrel seem to show this as well, most notably the one by Mrgunsngear.
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    I've noticed it with mine. Some say I'm not gripping it tight enough. So, I gripped it tighter. Still hit me in the head. I think what it happening is the gun is rotating to the left and then the extractor is lined right up with my forehead. Sometimes they go over the top of my head, but most hit me in my shooting glasses. It's even worse with 350 grain bullets. It's not hurting me, but is disconcerting.

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    I have experienced this also... I have always called them flat ejections as they come right back over the slide, and I am not talking about when the gun moves during recoil. I solved it with cleaning somewhat, but in the end, I added very slight negative rake to the extractor claw. If I remember correctly it can be a two part issue... one is dragging or slowing slide movement. These can be caused by grit in the springs and rails and or poor extractions from powder grit in the chamber and or depth or grip of the extractor claw.
    All of the above is relative to the 50AE... the 49DE throws brass in all directions for a different reason, which is inherent in the shape of the casing.

    There could be other causes, but these correct my issues when I experience them.


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    Yes also had the same with the 50AE and a few times has caused a little blood 🩸 to flow, not enough for stitches, only a little cut.
    As MrBlackcat says, make sure the gun, including the recoil springs are very clean. I have not yet tried the extraction claw mod that he mentioned yet.

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