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Thread: cm9 slide stop

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    "Better yet, add a second CM9"

    Thought of that before, but I'll wait till prices get back to "normal".

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    Got the pistol to the range yesterday & today. CM9 locks back every time with both magazines. It didn't used to with my "problem" magazine. Yesterday my "good" magazine locked back, fed, fired, & ejected with no problems. The "problem" magazine locked back every time but I started to have a light strike/no fire on the 3rd round 3x in a row, hmmm? I was firing low power 147 gr plated bullets, fired 3 magazines of full power 147gr federal, no problems, hmmm, again? Had a Lakeline follower in this magazine & never had this problem before. I noticed that the Lakeline follower would "stick" on the 3rd round when loading the magazine but it always did that, hmmm?
    Anyway, not to get into a bunch of guesses I disassembled the magazine, cleaned well, reassembled with a standard Kahr follower. No problems with this magazine today (& 3rd round didn't "stick") with the low power 147gr or full power 115gr rounds.
    Back in business & better than before.

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    Speaking of Slide Stops, my new to me PM9 (unknown round count, though it looks to be pretty new?), locks back ok, but I notice that I can push the slide stop after it's locked back on it's own, up another 1/16" or so, is this a feature or a bug?

    I have cleaned and lubed, but only dry fired with snap caps and hand cycled so far as our local indoor ranges are closed due to COVID, and the outdoors ranges are near/in fire zones with bad AQI.



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