Greetings...I typically load 380s in 90, 95 and 100 grain JHP's and FMJ's with various powders, however, I decided to try using 115 JHP's in 380Auto. The only load data I can find on this combination is in Lyman's manual (49th Edition). Anyone have experience with 115 grain JHP bullets in 380? suggested loads? Lyman has load data using Bullseye, 700-X, Win 231 (HP38), Red Dot, HS6, SR7625 and Power Pistol. I have all these powders, except Power Pistol, on hand. My test 380s are a Bersa M95 (steel frame), Beretta 84FS and Browning BDA380.

(BTW, my Kahr's are the PM9 and CW45, none in 380.)