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Thread: Kahr P/CW380 with .22LR barrel

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    Default Kahr P/CW380 with .22LR barrel

    What has to change in the un for Kahr to make a drop in .22 barrel besides the barrel and the mag?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KahrP380owner View Post
    What has to change in the un for Kahr to make a drop in .22 barrel besides the barrel and the mag?

    What I would have much preferred rather the the LCPll I now own in would have been a dedicated Kahr or Beretta Pico in that caliber. Utilizing the same great DAO triggers. Both of the 380's are fun to shoot and mild shooting, a 22 cal would provide a great platform for adding to more skills, especially point and shoot at a much lower cost. Kudos to Ruger for this. I have a lot of experiences with Ruger LCP's and wrote a number of letters recommending they come out with a version. Sadly they did not do this with the GEN. 2 (Not LCPll). The Gen 2 actually had a very niece DAO. (Still own one)

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    The striker would have to be modified but that don't seem like it would be a major hurdle. If they modified the feed lips they could probably end up with a double stack 22 which might be near as effective as a 380.
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    I asked Kahr about and theysaid they have no plans for this .22 conversion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bawanna View Post
    The striker would have to be modified
    If they were clever, they could just offset the barrel bore up or down a bit so the existing striker just hits the rim of the .22

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    Colt is another gun maker that hasn't innovated in a looooong time. I hope bringing back the snake revolvers and being bought by CZ helps them. They don't seem to make any .22s either.
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    I like my CZ-75 SP-01 tactical. I shoot the 22 conversion kit more than the 9MM due to ammo prices. No reason Kahr couldn't build a kit for the P380 if they chose to.

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