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Thread: PM9 Slide Stop Question?

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    Thanks everyone, appreciate the help, and yes the mags do appear to lock in fine, so I'm guessing it's ready to go.

    Waiting for the smoke to clear and the AQI to improve so I can visit our only open outdoors range (our indoor ranges are closed due to COVID-19).

    I want to try it too! I just bought it, cleaned and lubed it per the factory diagram, manually cycled snap-caps a couple of hundred times for break-in, added the Lasermax Centerfire Laser and zeroed it via a bore sighter to the iron sight's POA at 7 yds, and I''m excited to give it a go LOL!

    Hopefully later this week of next week for sure.

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    Sounds like a plan. Let us all know after the range trip.
    "No Matter Where You Go----There You Are !!"

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    Will do, thanks again all!

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    Geez, local ranges booked into Oct, so this might take a while, though hoping for a cancellation etc?

    At least the air is breathable again, Thanks God for that (local fires pretty much contained at long last)!

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    Quote Originally Posted by djd100 View Post
    Geez, local ranges booked into Oct, so this might take a while, though hoping for a cancellation etc?

    At least the air is breathable again, Thanks God for that (local fires pretty much contained at long last)!
    Ha, well, this has certainly taken a while LOL!

    It's now April of the 2021, my wife and I have had our vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna, no issues), and FINALLY, our local indoor range has reopened with limited capacity and mask requirements, WOO HOO!

    Today, I'm going to attempt to finally get to fire my new to me Kahr PM9, though I have attempted to break it in by manually working the action and firing with snap caps and laser cartridges, maybe 500 times. The trigger certainly improved during that period so I'm hoping to finally get to enjoy it today (assuming one can really enjoy a pocket pistol in 9mm LOL!). I'm also bringing my modded CZ SP01 in case the little PM9 has any issues.

    So today we check function with FMJ's, function with HP's, and zero of the Laserguard at 7 yds (which has already been zero'd via a bore sighting laser in my living room, so it should be close already...).

    Wow, excited, it's been a long time...
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    You have the patience of Job!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dao View Post
    You have the patience of Job!
    Not by choice LOL! In our case in the SF Bay Area CA, the fires closed the outdoor ranges while COVID closed the indoor ranges, so we were out of luck for a while. The outdoor ranges opened a while back with limited capacity and reservations, but lanes were hard to get due to the crowds, and like I said I wanted to check zero on the new Laserguard, as well as function with FMJ's and HP's, so indoors was always the first step.

    Good news, the PM9 ran like a champ once I learned how to grip the little thing for my second shot (first shot was a failure to feed, my bad, crummy grip as there isn't much to grip with the flush mag LOL!), and it was fine with everything after that. Also, as near as I could tell the laser was pretty well zero'd as everything was on my little 5" X 5" targets at 7 yds, and mostly on at 10yds.

    Obviously I need a lot more practice, but all in all I have learned how to grip it as my first shots in a mag capacity string were perfect, and as the string progressed while shooting semi-rapidly, I got tired and further off the mark (this is my first 9mm pocket pistol, my other being a old steel Beretta 1935 32ACP, so the PM9 is quite different, especially with +P HP's and I need to pump up after being on lock-down!).

    All in all, it's GREAT to get back to the range, and I'm thrilled that the little PM9 ate everything and functioned perfectly once I got my sh*t together, woo hoo!
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