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i'm pleased with the look and it added a bunch of stability. Unlike the good stabilized wood i've gotten in the past which i believe is an epoxy based resin, this stuff does not fill voids. In this case that's fine as there were no voids and i picked wood accordingly.
The epoxy based stuff will not take oil or anything, all you do is buff it on a polishing wheel. Doesn't seem to work with this stuff. It took oil which really brought out the colors.
That is fine by me if they are durable and not brittle.
Again i think this next batch of wood will be different. Might be a whole new scenario if i'm finally doing it exactly right. I know i didn't sweat as much doing it today but the day ain't over yet.

To be continued.
i love the looks of those grips. They look kind of arizona( y ) ,ajbert you better get them before greg does... Just sayin.