I don't have pics right now but if enough were interested I could take some. I've been using a Vedder LightTuck for both my PM45 and CW45 pistols. They are good value, were available for my models, use a spring steel clip, and have good fit and finish. However, over the last few months I've been carrying appendix IWB (AIWB). The PM45 LightTuck worked fine for all sorts of activites, but the CW45 (my preferred carry) LightTuck seemed just a hair too deep in that position when I was active and didn't want to repeatedly readjust my belt for repetitive squatting movements (like for lifting and carrying multiple bags of soil, insulation, salt, wood chips, equipment, etc. for lengthy periods of time).

I recently tested out a Tier1 Concealment Axis Elite for my S&W M2.040 full size. The ride height adjustment made a big difference in comfort (rides higher in appendix than 4 0'clock position). However, it was just a little too much for what I deemed necessary for EDC, so I went back to my CW45 Vedder LightTuck holster and just drilled two more holes so it would ride roughly 1/2" higher (it has spring steel clips). Initial test seemed pretty perfect. I do have a homemade wedge that I will test with it over the next few days (I also use one on my PM45 LightTuck). As a side note, it seems like the Vedder Claw is lined up perfectly for this mod while carrying AIWB.

For drilling the spring steel, I used a drill press, 5/32" carbide drill bit, and an aluminum backing. It took about 5 minutes, where most of the time was just making measurements and placement of the clip under the drill press to ensure alignment with the holster mounting holes (I didn't mark the holes and did it freehand because I was lazy; don't be lazy). I used clear coat paint to coat the exposed steel since I had a small vial of it readily accessible... again, I was being lazy.

When I have more time I will email Vedder Holsters about making a higher ride height option clip or mounting point for appendix carry (not that I'm an expert on it).