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Thread: Used early 2000s MK9, interested, need advice

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    Default Used early 2000s MK9, interested, need advice

    Hi folks, so Iíve been wanting either a K9 or a MK9 for a while now. Iíd obviously like to buy new, moneyís not the issue but availability. I canít find any new ones anywhere.

    A member on a different forum has this MK9 for sale. Early 2000s, low round count, looks to be in great condition. Pics in link.

    My worries are 1. Early 2000s, I donít know if the springs are old, need to be replaced or what. 2. Used gun and over 5 years so no warranty. 3. Dead night sights, will need to be replaced. Heís asking $425 which I would buy if it was newer.

    At this point Iím leaning towards no because would much prefer buying new. Thanks for the help as always, take care.

    Pictures -

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    Seems like any decent shop should be able to order you a shiny brand new one I would think.!
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    $425 is a good price. MSRP on an MK9 from Davidson's is $900----but they show "out of stock". A new recoil spring from Kahr is $14. New night sights for the "old style dovetail", which is what I assume you have, seem to be hard to find. Kahr currently has the front sight available, but not the rear. If the ones on the pistol currently are Trijicons, they can be re-lamped at the factory.

    Even doing that, you are ahead of the game vs a new one, plus new ones seem to be out of stock right now.

    I'd jump on that if I were you.

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    I bought my mk9 used - sturdy all-steel, with available replacement parts, so I was relatively unconcerned, and it has worked out great.
    That said, I've never regretted spending more and waiting longer for what I truly wanted, and in absolute $, the new MK9's only a few hundred more.

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