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Thread: Bianchi 3S for K9 any experience?

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    Default Bianchi 3S for K9 any experience?

    Does anyone have experience with the Bianchi 3S for Kahr? Suggested on another forum, I purchased a 3S for my 5" 1911, and it wears well and is very comfortable (even when sitting for long periods)... although the weight does pull my belt down a little (Kore gun belt and Emissary gun belt). I liked it so much I also bought one for my 2 3/4" 66-8, but noticed that it needs to be adjusted with a lot of cant to line up the cylinder with the belt line, since it rides high. Additionally, if not adjusted with a significant can't, the shortness of the barrel allows the firearm to angle out A LOT. With adjusted cant, it works well.

    I'm now thinking of getting one for my M9 and K9, but am worried about such a short pistol with this high ride setup. So... Does anyone have experience with the Bianchi 3S for Kahr? I own other holsters with different materials, so I'm not really looking for suggestions. I'm really just wondering about the 3S.

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    Just an update. I purchased the 3S for my M9, and it is VERY comfortable. However, since I am not confident in the way that the 2.75" 66-8 holster keeps the heft of the firearm above the belt line without significant barrel length underneath for leverage, I am not going to try it for the K9.

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    I have no experience so didnt comment but it should work fine on the K. I use a Mernickle Holster for a 1911, it rides above the belt but rides nice.
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