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Thread: QuickLOAD/QuickDESIGN file for 429DE case...

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    Default QuickLOAD/QuickDESIGN file for 429DE case...

    Does anyone have the QuickDESIGN cartridge file for the 429DE that can be loaded into QuickLOAD? I have seen the cartridge schematic for the 429DE but I don't have QuickDESIGN.

    Thanks, David.

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    If you are looking for loading data, you might research data for the .440 Cor-bon. I had a 10" barrel for mine, and I made cases by running .50AE cases into .440 full length die. The cartridges are basically the same, but I've heard that the Cor-bon load might be a little hot for the .429, so might want to back off a little to make sure everything is ok.

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    Not to highjack the thread - but itíll be fun to speculate how the round would be like necked down to 9mm and 10mm, with a 10Ē barrel.

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