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Okay, curiosity got the best of me so I tapped the end of the trigger pin ever so slightly. Okay it was just a little more than ever so slightly... and it moved. I pushed it on out with some effort. Looks like the trigger pin was rusted to the trigger spacer. Both have a bit of rust on them. I went ahead and ordered a few new parts. I ordered the trigger spacer, the trigger pin, the trigger spring and went ahead and grabbed a new trigger while I was at it. I also grabbed the magazine release since mine was also rusty. The trigger bar looked fine and cleaned up easily enough. There is enough rust on the pin and spacer that I don't think they will easily clean up and go back together. I started to grab some emory cloth and work on them a bit but I don't think I can get inside the hole of the spacer without a lot of effort. Was easier to spend the $50 and get new parts.
I have carried this little gun daily for quite some time. I carry it in an OWB holster and it easily conceals under a t shirt. I spent all last summer remodeling a house so that my wife and I could move in. It was hot and I was quite sweaty most of the time. I am sure the salty sweat from my side got into everything. I think I need to look for an OWB holster that has the flap that extends up to keep the gun from resting against my skin. I also think I need to clean lube ad check things out a little more often. Lessons learned.

Thanks for all the advice. I honestly appreciate it. As soon as parts come in and I get it reassembled I will come in and update this thread. I will also get it to the range and make sure things are right before carrying it again.

I'll go and try to make a pic sharing account and post a pic of the rusty parts.

Good job............Good help.............sounds like a perfect reason to obtain another firearm for use during those "sweaty" times.