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Thread: RDS for Kahr K9

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    Default RDS for Kahr K9

    Now that Holosun has come out with a micro RDS, the 507K x2, Iím curious if anyone has seen this mounted on a K9? I am strongly considering this.

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    I had a 507c mounted with an Outerimpact dovetail adapter... I liked the gun (Sig 365) until I did that. The red dot dug into my side and I could never quit get very quick with aligning my dot on sight very quickly. Some swear by them, saying they improve their time to get shots on target, but it did not work out that way for me. That was just my experience, if it means anything. If I was just doing slow, steady paper punching it would have served me fine, but I was afraid to depend on it in a hurry. Since then, Iíve been using a laser trainer and shooting ďinstinctiveĒ style. Wow what a difference!!! I donít even use my sights now and could even remove them from my carry guns. A laser is only $40-$60, saves a ton on ammo, gets a trigger and striker well broken in and you can really up your skills training with one. Again, just my experience. Iím sure everything varies from one of us to the next. Happy shooting!

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