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Thread: Is the MK9 the best?

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    Well, the price is only a "suggestion."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Canine Dave View Post
    That was an interesting article. Funny how he complained about the poor finish of his prototype sample. I wonder what it looked like after he had it refinished? I like to imagine a K9 with a deep "Colt like" blue, the kind you look into a mile.

    MSR in mid '90's was $880? That's $1500 today! Wow.
    A Colt like blue WOULD be nice. Pretty much for any handgun.

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    Guns rarely at least under normal conditions sell anywhere close to MSRP. I think they call it street price which often times is hundreds of dollars less. Of course now with all the war profiteers (yup it's a war) things are insane.
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    Indeed. My pre-war K9 was $500 at Bud's about one year ago. They had all you wanted.

    Sometimes I regret not spending a few extra bucks and getting the anniversary model. I think the biggest reason I balked is that I'm not quite ready for a painted gun.

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    I’ve had a number of Kahrs.
    The K9. Probably the best compromise of shootability and, portability.
    The K40. Never was reliable for me. Really liked it.
    The MK9. Fantastic. Reliable. Easy to shoot. Just a little chunky and heavy.
    PM9. Reliable. Good trigger. Easy to carry. Sold it. Likely shouldn’t have. In its niche, it was fantastic.
    Kahr T9. Unbelievable ergonomics. Reliable, easy to shoot. Literally, I sent them my hand and said “build a gun to fit that.”

    The only one I currently own is the T9. I’d take any of them again. Slight hesitation on the K40 for me.

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    I don't own one, but I do have a MK40N and it is very good. It has never failed, and for some reason I can't explain, I shoot it more accurately than any of my larger pistols. That includes three HK's, three SIG's and five 1911's. However it's too heavy for pocket carry, so I'll keep my "less accurate ??" PM9.

    BTW, another plea for an MK45!!!

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    Never owned or shot a MK9.
    Love my MK40 Elite.
    But it is a bit heavy for a pocket pistol.
    In retrospect I should have gotten a M40 or T40.

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    I've owned a K9 since they were new. I rented a MK9 years ago and found that I could shoot it nearly as well as the K9, but never bought one because the weight put it into the class of holster pistol for me since I had lighter options. Now, if I find a more than reasonable deal on a PM9, I could go for that. If it's as reliable as the other 9mm Kahrs I've shot, I'd call that one the best (for pocket carry).

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