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Thread: Yesterday at my local Scheels

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    Quote Originally Posted by 340pd View Post
    No coffee helps but seriously, one of our range customers is a Czech who earned his citizenship the hard way. He has a couple of L-frames with 2-1/2" barrels that le loves to shoot offhand, DA, at 25 yds. Two shots in two seconds, score and re-do. I always bring him a clean 2'x3' backerboard so he can accurately monitor and record every shot.
    If we were not busy, I would bring one of my 3"er's in and we challenged each other. The goal was to keep everything on a 9x12 Bullseye target. That man returned me to my bullseye shooting days decades long gone by.
    I have a few guns in a variety of sizes but if I had to pick one that I could control under stress and with relative assured accuracy it would be one of these two.
    If I was a young man again, I most definitely think about moving the Czech Republic. Beautiful Country. Great Living Conditions, Great work environment and gun laws.

    PS Nice Revolvers by the way.


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    Scheels opened up here in Colorado Springs a couple of weeks ago. Made the mistake to go there last Saturday and the HUGE parking lot was completely full. Might try going tomorrow depending on the snow we are supposed to get through the night. My brother went shortly after they opened and said they had a 3 box limit on whatever they had in stock at non-panic prices. I don't really "need" any ammo, due to the avalanche that took the gun safe with all my firearms, but I'm thinking if they have a hole puncher that catches my eye I might just pick up some ammo.

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