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Thread: New P380 owner- FTF issues-Magazine problem?

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    Default New P380 owner- FTF issues-Magazine problem?

    New CALIFORNIA P380 owner- FTF issues-Magazine problem?

    **2 days of cycling the slide approx. 150 x in total. 2 nights of leaving the slide locked back

    -First 150 rounds of (Blazer 95 grain FMJ) with gun out of the box after internal inspection.
    -Found no Lube though surfaces felt oiled
    -Found gunpower residue as I guess during factory test fire

    -Range: I had three mags (two-6 round and one 7 round)
    Loaded all three and repeated until 150 rounds fired.

    *multiple FTF issues with each mag which did not improve over the 150 rounds
    *Able to clear each FTF by pulling the slide all the way back and releasing it. The bullet then entered each time.
    *One of the 6 round mags worked the best with multiple NO FTF issues. I marked that mag for later ID
    *Returned home and cleaned internals and oiled per manual with light gun oil
    *Used Flitz polishing lightly on feed ramp and throat with a dremel tool.

    Questions: Why is one mag better than the other two?
    Is there a problem with the other mags?
    What should I do next besides, of course, go back to the range for another 100 rounds?

    ...and yes, I did pay attention to a straight wrist and solid grip

    Thank you for your responses,

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    Welcome. You picked the right place to ask. Lots of others will show up to help out too. Two things come to mind for me. I never use the 7 round mags in mine because I've noticed a tendency for them to tip in the mag well when gripped hard enough. Second, there was a problem for a while with some where the extractor claw wasn't allowing the case rim to slide up the breech face and some had way too much extractor spring tension. In the first case some people modified the claw a little and some got new extractors from Kahr. In the second case some people were able to modify the spring pressure themselves. In all 3 cases some chose to return the gun to Kahr for service. That takes @3 weeks and you can call/email Kahr for a FedEx return label. The Cali models are a little different to so that may be some of it.

    Good luck!

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    In the current ammo environment I wouldnít waste a lot of money and ammo trying to fix it myself and break it in. I would send it back.

    muggsy: Let's face it, being shot by a .380 will ruin anyone's day.

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    Thank you. If you any other recommendations, please send them my way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KahrP380owner View Post
    Thank you. If you any other recommendations, please send them my way.
    I think those two posts pretty much covered it. My only additional suggestion is to let someone else shoot it before sending in just to be sure itís not operator error. Probably not, but itís worth trying before going through all that.
    To summarize:
    1 Rule out operator error
    2 Its likely the extractor
    3 7 rounder jams when extension is gripped
    4 Donít mess around, send it in.
    Rest in peace Muggsy

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    I know the ammo situation isn't good but you really should have used ammo with a bit more punch for break in. Blazer ammo is dirty and on the weak side.

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    Thank you SlowBurn and berattabone

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    FYI: After calling Kahr and speaking to a tech about this problem and others, including a broken magazine disconnect spring only after maybe 500 rounds, and FTF, Kahr requested that I send my P380 to them for repair. I sent it on their dime last week with a turn around of 3-4 weeks. I sincerely hope that I don't need to put the required 200 rounds or so as another break-in.

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    Thanks. Keep up posted. Hopefully it won't take as long as predicted.
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    Quote Originally Posted by berettabone View Post
    I know the ammo situation isn't good but you really should have used ammo with a bit more punch for break in. Blazer ammo is dirty and on the weak side.

    It is weak for sure. I would have used different ammo as well.

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