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Thread: Kimber Pepper Blaster II

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    Default Kimber Pepper Blaster II

    Anyone carry or has used a Kimber Pepper Blaster? I'd like to hear your thoughts on this as a non lethal option. Thanks.

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    My wife has had one (Gen 1), for years. Thankfully she has never needed to shoot it. She uses it when she walks up to check the mail. Compact and a better fit in the hand (and pocket), than the round cannister type. They're supposed to shoot further too.

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    Or you could use a 380......................just had to inject that...truly I hate myself.
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    The best I have found is POM. It has the most instinctive flip up cap and the product works. Cost is low enough to keep one in every car and buy a half dozen extras to give to your kids. Also, order a can or two of the inert ones that just spray water to test.
    We keep them in the cup holders.
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    I have several Pepper Blasters and my wife always keeps a lil Kimber's handy. I prefer the Kimber's range at 13ft. The smaller spray-can types are only good when your loved one is already at grappling distance. I also like that the Kimber fired with a primer cap, no way for it to loose pressure while it is sitting around.
    I had a few of the first gen Kimber's (looked like a cell phone) but they finally went past their expiration date. My Son kept one of them and had to use it one dark night... on a huge, angry, racoon. Two quick hits from that Kimber made a one each "Racoon Rocket". it was two years out of date, but still worked as advertised.

    So, the wife carries a Kimber Pepper Blaster or a Kimber Micro 380, depending on the day... either way, bad guys will have a bad day.

    Me? I carry a .380... or a 9mm... or a .38... a .44spl... and every once in a while, a .41mag. A Texan needs to be ready for everything from Bad Boys to a Bad Buffalo.
    I was once asked if I was "a paranoid for carrying my Kahr".
    "Nope" I said, "just prepared".
    " prepared for what" he asked?
    "more stuff than you are"
    God Bless our Troups!

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    They can be effective. IMHO the biggest benefit to them is that your loved one has a much less chance of wind causing splashback on them!

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