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Thread: CW45 sights

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    Default CW45 sights

    Hello all
    I hve a CW45, with the old slide, and am wondering what kind of rear sight, I can put on it. It has the singal rear dot on it. I would like to find a two dot rear sight for it. I havnt been able to find anything either on the Kahr sight, or any where else. they are available for the newer type slide but that is all.
    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Look at Dawson Precision, they make a lot of sights that other don't. Good to deal with although it's been awhile since I've chatted with them.
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    Kahr has the two dot rear night sights for the older slides listed:

    I have them on an old K9, but they never glowed that bright (bought new 20 years ago), and after getting used to the newer Von Stavenhagen style bar and dot, I prefer the bar and dot. Before, I thought I only wanted the two dot rear sights, as I had the most experience with them. If you're not used to the bar and dot sights, you might try them for a few range visits and compare them against your two dot rear sight firearms for target acquisition from the ready position. You might like them.

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