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Thread: To: The mind trust...Slide won't assemble. Conflict with the trigger bar

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    Can someone help me with a Kahr P380 problem. On reassembly the slide was stopped by the trigger bar (out of position?). The trigger bar rests almost even with the top of the frame. Maybe I need to push harder, but it wasn't a problem on 10 previous occasions when I disassemble/reassembled. I can use a small screw driver to depress the spring loaded trigger bar to pass under the contact point on the frame to reassemble, but again I never had to do that before.

    The top of the trigger bar itself is rough and abraded at the top forward edge where the bend is located. The link below will take you to the photos, I hope it works. You may need to 'unzip' the photo(s) to view the pics

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    I'd try to just wiggle the trigger a bit as you try to install the slide. Also make sure your recoil assembly is perfectly parallel to the slide. That's about the position it ends up with if your off just a bit and it hangs up.

    I couldn't make much out of the pictures, sometimes the ejector on the left of your photo's gets bumped up a bit also, it doesn't move very much but sometimes just enough to hang things up.

    I don't have a 380 but it's very similar to all the others.
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    Wiggle the trigger fore and aft a bit when the slide meets resistance at the cam... unloaded, of course. It doesn't take a full trigger pull to get the cam out of the way as you're sliding the slide onto the frame.
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    Wiggling the trigger does not move the trigger bar out of the way, or at all. it's the trigger bar that is hitting the back of the slide. If you can view the pics you will see what I mean. Look for the pic where the forward end of the trigger bar is striking the BACK of the slide upon reassembly.

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    Problem is a broken magazine disconnect spring. After calling Kahr and speaking to a tech about this problem and others, including a broken magazine disconnect spring only after maybe 500 rounds, and FTF, Kahr requested that I send my P380 to them for repair. I sent it on their dime last week with a turn around of 3-4 weeks. I sincerely hope that I don't need to put the required 200 rounds or so as another break-in.

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    Shouldn’t need another breakin. I’d sat Just make sure it works with your ammo for a mag or 2 and you should be good to go.

    Sorry you have that mag disconnect thingy.
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    I am repeating the recent post in Kahr-Tech section for the benefit of those that might not see that one.

    After discovering the broken mag disconnect spring on my NEW P380 after 350-400 rounds and FTF issues, I sent the pistol to Kahr. I shipped it on April 7th. It was delivered on the 12th. I and called today, April19th, to find it was repaired and being shipped back today. I asked for a report and they said:

    Replaced broken mag disconnect spring, fixed some scratches, replaced (1) mag follower, replaced outer recoil spring, replaced or modified the ejector, provided a missing trigger lock that was taken by my LGS (only in Cali) and more.

    When I get it back, I can tell you more about what else they did. They fired 5 full mags of Federal without any problems. I should receive it this coming Wednesday.

    I like that they told me about the Federal ammo. Now I know what they like to use and I don't have to keep buying different ammo brands to figure it out

    More to come...Hope this helps some of you.


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    For those following this thread...Got it back today!
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