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Thread: IWB Holster Suggestions for PM9

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    I have 2 Vedder Light Tucks, one for my CW40 and for my Sig P365 SAS. When I got the one for the Kahr, I bought the claw thingy with it. I used it that way for a while, then took it off. It's the most comfortable holster I've tried, that's why I bought the second one for the Sig. They just hide. I'm sure with an even smaller gun like the PM9 it would absolutely disappear. Highly recommend Vedder. Great folks.

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    They are pricey ( plus you have to wait a few weeks), but it's hard to beat a Milt Sparks VM2. I used them for my 1911's, had a chance to buy a used one for PM9/40. Don't even know it's there.
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