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Thread: IWB Holster Suggestions for PM9

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    Default IWB Holster Suggestions for PM9


    Iíve been scouring the internet trying to find information on IWB holsters for my PM9. Iíve found maybe 3 or 4 so far that are under consideration. Iím not too concerned about price, but all of the holsters Iíve found so far are well under $100. Iím more interested in comfort and security than anything. I want the holster to be relatively comfortable, otherwise, carrying becomes an aggravation. I donít want the holster moving around on the belt, it has to be secure. I want the holster to securely hold my PM9 and Iím not opposed to additional retention features as Iím used to wearing level 3 gear anyway. A low profile design which would minimize printing, which shouldnít be much of an issue with the PM9 anyway, is a plus. Also a plus would be the ability to adjust canít, but if a holster has a pretty good fixed carry angle, I wouldnít be opposed to trying it out. And lastly quality, Iím looking for a high quality product and a manufacturer that stands by their products. If anyone has some experience or suggestions on holsters that meet the above criteria, Iím ready to read away.

    Also, Iíve recently stumbled upon the Vedder Rapid Tuck IWB and the Vedder Comforttuck IWB holsters. Does anybody have any specific experience with either of these holsters or commentary on them?

    Thanks in advance, I look forward to seeing some feedback.

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    I have been using PJ Holsters for several years for my PM9. I actually have two, one is a tuckable, behind the belt J-hook and is set to carry pretty deep, which is what I wanted. I use it when I'm wearing a tucked shirt, it pretty much disappears. The grip sits parallel on the belt line. The other holster sets up a bit higher and is the clip on loop, which I carry most of the time. It is easier to draw from, but requires untucked shirt. They are very comfortable for me. Paul will do you right, I actually purchased the clip on holster used off this sight, after a while the clip was starting to crack. I contacted Paul and he said the holster was an older one and he had corrected the clip problem. He had me send it to him and he fixed it with the reinforce clip only charging the shipping.
    I also have one for an XDs-45 with the belt loop. If/when I needed another IWB holster I will order a PJ Holster.

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    I'm a devout Garrett Holsters fan. I have an IWB Silent Thunder for every gun I carry. Adjustable cant, leather lined kydex so tough on the outside but easy on the gun finish and quiet going in and out. They have also improved the belt clip which is a tremendous improvement.
    I never used to like IWB but after playing and messing with the adjustments, that's about all I do now days.
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    The PM9 is the same size as my MK9 that I just purchased. I have a CW9 that I carry in a holster made by a local custom holster maker. My MK9 fit that holster just that it didnít reach the bottom end of the holster. Not wanting to collapse the end of that holster, I was looking for one that the MK9 would fit properly. I ended up with the Mitch Rosen from the Kahr store. Iíve been carrying in it every day now for over a month. For me it is very comfortable. Last weekend was just shy of 500 miles on my motorcycle. This holster puts the butt of the gun very close to the top of the belt/ pants, Just above and close to the body.

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    I personally do not like IWB holsters. I like my Pants to fit perfectly. But I do use these. One of the great things about the Kahr small 9mm is the light weight and slim design.
    Sorry I do not have a pic of a Kahr with one, but here is one on my Nano, so you get the idea. About the same size as the Kahr. No bulk, easy to use and draw. I usually carry Apex. Plus I place them on all my guns when not in use or going to the range. Small investment to try out.

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    Thank you for the thread and for the mention of Vedder. I came to the forum today to solicit suggestions for a tuck holster for my P380. I checked out Vedder and bought one.

    I really like the one I use for my PM9 but it has no labeling so I was not able to determine who made it.

    Tuck holster front cropped.jpg

    Tuck holster rear cropped.jpg

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