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Thread: P380 Slide stop contact with cartridge

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    Default P380 Slide stop contact with cartridge

    Looking at the internal workings of my P380 contact with cartridge. See videos. What do you think? Is this a problem?

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    If your 380 operates like other Kahrís you need to understand how Kahr loads a round. Most other semi automaticís load a round by coming straight out and up out of the magazine onto the feed ramp. Kahrs sort of side winds out of the mag onto the feed ramp. There used to be a video on their website showing the loading operation. Check the FAQ area.

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    I know this doesnít sound like it but I really mean no disrespect. Stop taking videos of your gun with the slide off looking for problems and just shoot the dam thing. If it shoots it is fine. If it malfunctions, then come and tell us what your problem is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KahrP380owner View Post
    Looking at the internal workings of my P380 contact with cartridge. See videos. What do you think? Is this a problem?
    That is not uncommon in semiauto pistols, especially with the myriad of bullet shapes available today.

    However, as zamboni wrote "If it shoots it is fine."

    If it doesn't "shoot" it usually manifests itself by locking the slide back prematurely... sometimes it can affect the feed.
    A little polishing or removing a slight amount of material at the spot where contact is being made is usually the fix.
    Always try polishing first, removing too much material will result in the slide not locking back on an empty magazine. That's not the end of the world as a new stop will allow you to start over.

    I try not to take any length from the stop where it contacts the follower. Instead I reduce the top of that tab and slope it back away from the outside bottom edge. I then polish and break the edge. My thought here is to reduce the time a bullet would be in contact with the stop.
    The stop on the right (CW45) is an example of that:

    The photo is from some years back, so I'm not sure what the stop on the left is from. It could be a 45, but more likely from a 9 or 40 Kahr.
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    FYI: After calling Kahr and speaking to a tech about this problem and others, including a broken magazine disconnect spring only after maybe 500 rounds, and FTF, Kahr requested that I send my P380 to them for repair. I sent it on their dime last week with a turn around of 3-4 weeks. I sincerely hope that I don't need to put the required 200 rounds or so as another break-in.

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