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Thread: New member in Bellingham WA with slide lock question

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    Default New member in Bellingham WA with slide lock question

    I love my CW380. Gun has been working flawlessly since replacing the recoil spring and magazine and following the prep to shoot tips on this message board about 500 or so rounds ago - I was having all sorts of feeding problems prior to those fixes.

    Suddenly the slide has stopped locking back after the last shot.

    What are the most likely cause(s) to investigate first? New mag? Slide lock spring?


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    Iíve had issues with the slide lock spring on both my CM9 and my CT380. In both cases the spring had moved a little it and just needed to be reoriented into the right position. Greg and Bawanna were very helpful with this issue. Thereís a rather long thread on it somewhere.

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    Welcome to the forum Funk. I hope the info provided was all that you needed? Great forum youíve joined, but I think you can already see that by the offered help. Post us up some Kahr shooting stuff when you can!

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    You might have inserted the slide stop wrong. Slip it in a little lower than the spring and rotate up as you snap it in so that the spring end is on top of the stop. There's an illustration in the manual. Another possibility is the screw holding the slide stop spring can be too tight or too loose. Try adjusting just a bit.
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    Is your CW new? What did you replace the recoil spring with? Part from Kahr? Did you modify your magazine or buy a new one?

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