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Thread: CMP 1911 round 2...

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    I just don't understand the attraction of buying a worn out pistol. History? Sure, they have history, but so doe's a rock you find on the ground. Heck, it's probably been around for 4.5 BILLION years! There is surely no history that's coming in print to tell you where these old turds have been, who they were issued to, etc. If folks want to take a chance that they are getting one that was carried by Sgt. York, or whomever, heck, go for it. Myself? I've got LOTS better things to buy with $1050.00! YMMV.

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    Calling a 1911 a turd??? I'm tearing up a little bit, must go get a tissue.
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    There certainly is a lot of raw emotion on display here, for some reason. This program is optional.

    In phase one of this program, 19000 people applied for the chance to buy 8000 pistols. I've not heard the numbers for this round. My rgn seems to be low (23xxx), so I think I might get the call.

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