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Thread: Kahr CW380 diary

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    Quote Originally Posted by JakeGa View Post

    …It was very comforting being able to walk with my hand in my pocket while walking back to my room late one night after having to park several blocks from the hotel...
    Exactly. Pocket carry is the only method that allows you to do this. A big advantage IMO.

    I started working out scenarios in my head… The lighting was dim …I think I may look for a set of night sights to add to this gun.…
    Maybe consider a laser as an alternative. The CT laser guard fits over the trigger guard, does not noticeably change the profile, works instinctively, and has been very dependable and accurate for me. Better for a pocket gun imo than night sights which stop working after awhile.
    My2 centavos fwiw
    Rest in peace Muggsy

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    I enjoyed reading your "rants" about the 380. I owned one yrs ago and still wonder why I ever got rid of the thing. I now carry a CM 9 if I leave the house. Went to range yesterday and fired some aluminum case Blazer that Academy had for $14.99 a box through the CM 9. No hiccups. Keep us informed about the 380. I remember when I did use it as my carry gun, I always had it loaded with Lehigh Extreme Defense, believe it was a 65 gr round. I loved the way it would leave a distinct mark on a paper target at the range.

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