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Thread: Any Input On Sight Options for a P380 Would Be Much Appreciated

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    Default Any Input On Sight Options for a P380 Would Be Much Appreciated

    First post from a new member---and, of course, I am inevitably asking for information!

    Been a lurker for sometime. Was a previous PM9 owner for more than 10 years. Never an issue--even during the break-in period. Great pistol, more than satisfied my carry needs over the years. Recently moved to a Sig P365 simply because it could multi task for my 9mm carry needs, and together with the available 15 round mags, is also an option to include in home defense.

    Currently I am the happy owner of a problem free P380 that I was lucky to pickup during Shoot Straight's tremendous special. It is a non-night sights version ( P380--not a P380 CA). Such a joy to pocket carry when a 9mm is not practical (my first 380 ACP)--and actually a very pleasant shooter. Just disappears in the pocket in a Vedder holster.

    Father time has taken his inevitable toll on my eyes. I have been searching for sight options but have not had much success. Ideally, if such a unicorn exists, would be a set up with fiber-optic sights and tritium night sights--but anything other than plain white dots would sure be a help. I had considered a laser, but Crimson Trace's lack of an off switch together with red only color is not very appealing (and I would prefer to avoid a holster quest for Armalser/ Viridian products). Dawson does not seem to have any real option--nor does Kahr itself. Most all sights I have found state they fit "all Kahr P Series," followed by the fine print, " except P380"

    Any thoughts sure would be appreciated--and thanks much to all in advance for any input.
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    Welcome to the forums dp5710!

    Some folks are quite fond of the XS Big Dot sights system. It's available for the P380:

    [<a href= target=_blank></a>

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    Thanks for the welcome aboard--and also for your tremendously helpful reply. That is exactly what I was hoping to find.

    Much obliged,


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