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Thread: Kahr T9 and Federal 9BP +P+

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    Default Kahr T9 and Federal 9BP +P+

    As we all know, ammo is not exactly falling out of trees right now. I have a pretty good stock of the old Federal 115 +P+. Haven’t shot it in years.

    Im thinking a solid steel gun like the T9 should easily handle some of that stuff. Just a hundred rounds now and then. And, for carry. Anyone’s thought?

    I vaguely recall Kahr claimed their all steel guns were rated +P+.

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    This from the FAQ of the Kahr Arms website; "The Kahr pistol is rated to +P."

    The original K9 was advertised as being +P+ rated, but changes were made and this is no longer the case for later Kahr models. As in any firearm, use of higher pressure ammo causes more wear than standard ammo. If you want to use this ammo you may at the least want to seek a stronger recoil spring .
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    I believe kahr does not rate for +p+ For CYA legal reasons as there is no SAAMI standard pressure for +p+.

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