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Thread: TP9 Barrel and Slide on a CW40 Frame?

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    Default TP9 Barrel and Slide on a CW40 Frame?

    Will a TP9 barrel and slide fit a CW40 frame?


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    Maybe.... My hangup is the caliber differences..., likely a larger magwell.

    I have successfully topped a P45 frame with a TP45 slide. Dropped right on. I have put a TP9 on CW9 and P9 frames. Out of the 3 9mm hybrids only one required a small amount of hand fitting. Kudos to Kahr for their modular designs.

    Two models that Kahr should carefully consider, at lease for us "Old School" folk. Bring back the all steel Covert in 9MM and a K9 with a T9 upper?

    No brainer, No extra production costs. MORE SALES!!!!


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