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Thread: Removing the Slide Stop/Release using the right side of the gun

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    Default Removing the Slide Stop/Release using the right side of the gun

    Hello all!

    I appreciate how everyone here shares their knowledge and experience with their Kahr pistols, so here is my small contribution.

    I just purchased a PM9 and I figured out a way to remove the slide stop/release using the right side of the gun, instead of the little marks on the left.

    I push the slide back enough where the third rib on the slide serrations (from front to back) aligns with the contour on the frame (you will understand when you look at the picture)
    Then I am able to push the pin (or the right side of the slide stop/release) deep enough to hold the slide open and then I can pull the rest of the part out.

    I hope this helps someone!


    (update: it seems since I am new, I can not post pictures) So I may ask the moderators to delete the post completely - sorry about that!
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    Welcome to the forum. Yes, that's the way I've been doing it on the Kahr polymer guns for years. Much easier IMHO.
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    Hello CaliPM9 and welcome to Kahrtalk, Thatís a good idea and one I havenít thought of....I have nerve damage in my left hand and itís difficult for me to take down my PM9, I use a wooden tapered chop stick that after pulling back the slide to the witness mark I stick it down in the chamber to hold the slide in place and then push out the slide stop.....Works for me because of a physical problem but whatever works for you is fine, improvise, adapt and overcome.......As for posting pictures I think you need 30 posts or so to do it so just keep posting and tell us more about your PM9, the best concealed carry pistol ever made.....Again welcome to the forum, this is a great place to hang out and jaw about guns and shooting, lots of nice, knowledgeable folks here so stop by anytime......
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    Thank you for the replies and feedback! I am loving my PM9 I did have to move the sights to my liking of the POA- POI being a left eye dominant - The front to the left and the back to the right. Not quite symmetrical but it hits bulleye -2 inches- at 25 feet with no problem!
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