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Thread: Kahr CM9 Nose Dive Feed Issues Solved

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    Default Kahr CM9 Nose Dive Feed Issues Solved

    I've had my CM9 for many years and love it. Initially had the feed issue where a round would nose dive into the feed ramp and jam. I figured out a trick to get it to feed reliably 100% of the time. I found a small pan head screw from a computer hard drive or CD ROM and put it at the front of the follower in the magazine. That screw head props up the front of the entire bullet stack so they are prevented from tipping forward and down into the ramp. If I were a Kahr engineer, I'd engineer a magazine follower with a bump near the front to do the same thing.
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    Welcome to the forum. There is a follower modification thread someplace where some have sanded the follower (Iíve done it) using sandpaper wrapped around a pencil to sand down deeper the slanted part of the follower to decrease that flat lead at the front kinda accomplishing the same thing you are talking about. But I like what you came up with too.
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