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Thread: Celebrating Freedom

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    Default Celebrating Freedom

    Ever since Kahr Firearms Group opened itís facility here in Northeast Pennsylvania itís been an interesting experience getting to learn more about the firearms and company from an up close and personal perspective.

    One of the things I learned was how much the Kahr Firearms Group community and itís founder, genuinely and deeply, love and appreciate the opportunity and liberty this great country has to offer.

    Upcoming this October will be the 3rd Annual Freedom Festival that Kahr sponsors at itís complex.

    Hereís a link to a gallery of photos of last yearís festival. Click on the different tab categories if you're interested.

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    Wished I were closer-looks like a hoot!

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    Fantastic, Looks like a great bunch of folks and all celebrating this Great Country. I Would have love to have been there. Thanks for posting!

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