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Thread: Magguts

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    I have four Kahr 380 MagGuts Kits for sale, if anyone is interested... For Sale Kahr 380 MagGuts Kits (kahrtalk.com)

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    I've had magguts kits -work like a charm. But I'm too old and clumsy to assemble those things. Nowadays, every time I take one apart for cleaning I wind up up chasing little springs and parts all over the room. So I went back to the original guts and 1 less round in the mag.
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    Sometimes/Usually older is better and some of these new gadgets aren't worth the trouble for 1 or 2 rounds. Almost like fooling with mother nature so to speak.

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    Bawanna, Older is sometimes better. I have the old magguts setup. They changed the springs. They said for easier assembly. I just wonder if it was for increased reliability. My old magguts have never failed to work. Thanks, Dan

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